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Debatepedia is the Wikipedia of debates - an encyclopedia of pro and con arguments and quotes on critical issues. A project of the 501c3 non-profit International Debate Education Association (IDEA), Debatepedia utilizes the same wiki technology powering Wikipedia to centralize arguments and quotes found in editorials, op-eds, political statements, and books into comprehensive pro/con articles. This helps citizens and decision-makers better deliberate on the world's most important questions. Debatepedia is endorsed by the National Forensic League.

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"Libya, War Powers Start White House, Congress on Collision Course." PBS Newshour. June 15th, 2011

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  • PRO: Ultrasounds help women make informed decisions on abortion Lisa Billy, R member of Oklahoma House of Reps. "New Law Empowers Women." USA Today. May 9th, 2010: "For women facing an unplanned pregnancy, there is often a sense of panic, distress and fear that can lead to hasty decisions. That is why I authored House Bill 2780, which requires that women be given information obtained from an ultrasound before an abortion is performed. Many clinics already perform ultrasounds before abortions — something they have acknowledged in legal filings — but women have told me over the past 20 years that they have not had access to that information. Women should have the choice to see that image. I have personally visited with women who obtained an abortion in a panic and were devastated years later to see a friend's ultrasound and realize: That child is the same age as my baby when ... It is a devastating moment of intense sorrow and regret. I filed this bill to empower women, no matter what their circumstance, to have as much information as possible before making a life-altering decision."
A woman named Laura who sought an abortion in Arizona in 2010 under its new laws, said to the New York Times: “You don’t just walk into one of these places like you’re getting your nails done. I think we’re armed with enough information to make adult decisions without being emotionally tortured.”[1]
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