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Good effort Ali

Good first effort Ali. Notice how your argument title is longer than the rest on the page. One of the more difficult and, I suppose, artistic element of framing arguments is shortening the argument title to roughly six words or so - no more than one line on the splitscreen. So, you wrote as the argument title:

"A nuclear test ban is intrinsic for stopping the R&D process, and eventually stopping the development of nuclear weapons."

This is good reasoning, but here's how I'd shorten it to its MOST pithy form:

"Nuclear test ban halts R&D and development of nuclear weapons."

You see the difference?

Think of article titles as the titles to articles in newspapers. They are incredibly short and even sometimes cut corners on grammar for the sake of pithiness.

NOW, you see how the title I just offered in replacement of your title is equivalent to another argument title on the pro side of the article. Have a look. You'll see "A test ban would make it harder to develop nuclear weapons." This is the same argument. So, I'm going to show you how to merge arguments next. But, first, just let me know that you understand what I mean with above comment.

Best -- Brooks Lindsay 23:15, 15 June 2009 (CDT)

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