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Anonymous comment

I think people need to have a lot more respect for other peoples arguements, otherwise there is no point in having a discussion. Furthermore, people must stop over stating what science has proven and understand that the Theory of Evolution is still open to logical criticism and is not sometime to be considered fact at least by someone who has not criticised their own understanding of it.

My view is that the chicken came first because God created it. i am not mad nor do a state my opoinion lightly. Some may not agree but that does not mean thay are right. If a Chicken cannot spring up out of nowhere then neither can a chicken egg.

Background and context

This debate contains one of my pet hates (when it comes to debates, anyway). The Background and context section is biased- this is the one part of the debate that should be neutral, as it explains the debate objectively and leaves readers to make up their own minds. Any arguments should go to the relevant part of the debate, not the Background and context section, which is by no means the place for opinions. Also the usage of "I" makes the whole debate look so much less professional. User: England4ever

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