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While the world is trying to offset its carbon emissions, many businesses are stuck in the trendiness of transporting their people around for unsubstantiated reasons now that the virtual office is a reality.

The change we need as a society needs to start at the top with the CEO's. Not only would it save our environment, but it could help our businesses in this tricky economy get a bit more cashflow. Often a consultant or travelling manager's monthly travel bill can be anywhere from $5,000 to an easy $20,000 a month. Imagine the carbon emissions just to make an appearance in a cube and do a few face to face meetings! As the big three get turned down for their handout because they took their private jets.... it would be beneficial and a good cost cutting measure if they might think twice about a few things:

1. Can this business be established over the internet or a conference call?

2. What really is the reason why we're sending our people on a plane?

3. Could we use the money we use travelling for other things the business needs?

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