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*'''[[:Category:Statehood|Statehood]]''' *'''[[:Category:Statehood|Statehood]]'''
*'''Taxes:''' [[:Category:Taxes| category]], [[Portal:Taxes| portal]] *'''Taxes:''' [[:Category:Taxes| category]], [[Portal:Taxes| portal]]
-*'''Trade and globalization:''' [[:Category:Trade and globalization| category]], [[Portal:Trade and globalization| portal]]+*'''Globalization:''' [[:Category:Globalization| category]], [[Portal:Globalization| portal]]
-**'''[[:Category:Trade|Trade]]'''+*'''Trade:''' [[:Category:Trade| category]]
*'''[[:Category:Tourism|Tourism]]''' *'''[[:Category:Tourism|Tourism]]'''
*'''Under-age:''' [[:Category:Under-age| category]], [[Portal:Under-age| portal]] *'''Under-age:''' [[:Category:Under-age| category]], [[Portal:Under-age| portal]]

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