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This page is a tutorial on all of the basic, need-to-know things on Debatepedia. It will jump-start your ability to browse, edit, and engage with the Debatepedia community.

Starting your account

Go to the "log in / create account" button in the upper-right of the screen, click this, and enter your basic information. We encourage you to use your real name as your "user name", particularly if you are a debater. You will be able to use your user page as a profile and bio page, so it may be worthwhile for you to provide a real name and build your actual profile.

Learning to edit

  • See Help:Editing, which acts as a full guide to editing on Debatepedia.
  • Also see Wikipedia's tutorial on editing, which will help you learn the very basic and most important MediWiki editing possibilities and tools (Debatepedia uses the same tools).
  • See below for understanding debate-page editing on Debatepedia, which is slightly different than the above.

Understanding the debate page "logic tree" structure, and how to manipulate it

Debate pages on Debatepedia are based on a unique pro/con "logic tree" structure. Debates start with a main "yes"/"no" question. The pro/"yes" and con/"no" arguments are then divided into a split screen. Subquestions help organize the pros and cons of often large debates into more chewable parts (economic, social, legal...). Subquestions are simply there for the purpose of organizing pros/cons within the larger debate; they are not there for opening tangential, albeit related debates.

Manipulating the Debatepedia "logic tree" structure and software:

Creating new pages

You can create new pages whenever you want on Debatepedia.

See Debatepedia:Creating New Pages

Referencing and sourcing

See Debatepedia:Sources and Referencing

Understanding Debatepedia's editing policies, and user obligations surrounding them

What's the mission?

Why should I edit and even join Debatepedia? What's the point? What's the value added in the world?

It is very important from the beginning that you understand the mission and vision of Debatepedia.

What's the objective with any given article?

Ok, so you may identify with the mission, but now what? What is the objective with each article on Debatepedia? The aim with every page is to produce "feature articles". These are exemplary articles on Debatepedia, that abide by Debatepedia's editing policies, and uphold a variety of other quality standards. Attempt to move the articles you edit toward "feature article" status. And, you may be rewarded with articles you've edited being featured on the main page of Debatepedia.

Personal objectives: if you edit to "feature article" standards, you will gain the trust of the community around you, and have the opportunity to apply to be a Debatepedia Steward

Communicating with other users

Browsing and navigating basics

Debatepedia's main pages can all be reached from the toolbar on the left side of the screen, from the top-right of the screen (About...), and from just below the top-right of the screen (User ID...). These are the most useful links and windows into the Debatepedia content, so you should actively use them to navigate the site. One of these links is to the navigation and browsing page. Check that out.

One of the most important pages for navigation and browsing is Debatepedia's contents page. Check that out too.

Problem with the site? 

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