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The tabs on Debatepedia appear at the top of the page. A different number of tabs will appear depending on whether you are logged in or not and whether you are a Debatepedia administrator.

When logged out, the following tab options appear

  • article
  • discussion
  • edit
  • history

Once logged into your user account, the following tab options appear

  • article
  • discussion
  • edit
  • history
  • move
  • watch

As an administrator, the following tabs are available for use

  • article
  • discussion
  • edit
  • history
  • protect/unprotect
  • delete
  • move
  • watch

Tab functions

Article tab

The article tab, once clicked on, is where one will find the main article, which the other tabs functionally serve. This is where the vast majority of edits should be performed. It is what an outside viewer would generally browse over for the useful information it contains. The other pages are designed to help editors make the information on the article tab or folder more useful to viewers.

Discussion tab

Discussion tabs and pages are a critical component on Debatepedia, where editors discuss things relevant to the main article being constructed. The main purpose of these pages is to allow for discussion that helps improve the main article. Posts that fall outside of this purpose are frowned upon.

Edit tab

The editing tab, once clicked on, takes editors to an editing window where they can begin to edit the main article in the wiki mark-up language. Once an editor is finished making an edit, they can click "save page". You can also click "show preview" or "show changes".

History tab

The history tab allows you view the history of every edit (when a series of edits were "saved"). This is important for many reasons:

  • It allows you to see who has contributed to an article, so that you can communicate with those people, via their user pages or the discussion page.
  • If a mistake or vandalism was made, the history page allows you to see when it was made, and revert back to the edition prior to the mistake. In this way, edits are never final on Debatepedia or any other wiki, and the history page is the main tool for exercising this statement.

Protect/Unprotect tab

The Protect/unprotect tab locks a page from editing or unlocks a page from editing.

This is only available to Debatepedia Stewards (which could be you) because it is a function that prevents editing, which is a severe barrier that must be executed only by those that have the trust of the community to execute responsibly

Delete tab

Delete tabs completely delete a page, along with all of the tabs associated with that page. This is a permanent activity reserved for instances in which a page clearly does not below on Debatepedia for any of the following reasons:

  • Article was replaced by another article.
  • Article was inappropriately generated by a user.

Delete tabs are also reserved for Debatepedia Stewards (and we encourage anyone to get on course to becoming one) because it is a permanent activity, subsequently sensitive, and thus it must be reserved for the most trusted members of the Debatepedia community.

Move tab

These tabs are for moving the destination of a certain page title to another page (existing or non-existing). Imagine that you've created a page. It's been around for a while and people have linked to it. But then you realize that there is a better title for that page. You would like to change the title, but are concerned that this will cause you to "break" all the links that have been made to that page. By "moving" the page to the new title, the old title will still exist, but everytime someone clicks on a link to that title, they will be re-directed to the new title that you "moved" the page to.

The move tab is available to all logged-in users (in addition to Stewards) because it is a non-permanent act and can be reverted, although it is nevertheless a major responsibility offered to the user.

Watch tab

The watch tab is a very useful function for an editor or viewer that is particularly interested in a page, and the editing developments on that page. When you are on a content page, you can click on the watch tab. The article will be put on your watchlist, and everytime a change is made to that article, it will be recorded on your watchlist.

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