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Debate-related articles on Debatepedia are ones that you can create that are encyclopedic in nature, on people, organizations, events, historical movements, or anything else that has a notable relationship to debate in any context. One important element of these pages is to expand in detail on the specific relationship of things in our world to debate. While Wikipedia covers many topics holistically from "A to Z", Debatepedia has as a focus to house topics of all kinds with a focus on the "D" (Debate-related parts) as opposed to everything "A to Z". Now, it is important to define "debate" loosely, as it includes notions such as dialogue, open society, democratic principles, reasoning, and more. Feel free to exercise this definition "loosely", but do make sure that all content in these articles can be reasonably defended as "debate-related". Content that strays from this mission will be subject to removal by other users and Debatepedia stewards.

Building from Wikipedia content

Typically, any debate-related article you are considering opening on Debatepedia, exists as an article on Wikipedia. The difference is, as mentioned above, that these articles on Wikipedia do not focus substantially on the relationship of the topic at hand to the world of debate. Nevetheless, one of the most effective approaches to initiating a debate-related article is to cut-and-past the Wikipedia article on a new page that you can create with the same name on Debatepedia. Then, you can begin editing that article and magnifying the topic's relationship to debate. This is completely legal and appropriate, as Wikipedia's content is open-source, free to the public, without copyright, and open to use on any forum and setting outside of Wikipedia. Do not hesitate to approach building debate-related articles in this way.

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