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Debate: Student cell phones in school

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Should students be allowed to carry and use cell phones in school?

Background and context

With the advent of pagers and cell phones, children and students in high school and even in middle school have begun bringing the devices to school. This has been cause for concern to many, on the basis that it may distract students from their schooling. And, this, along with other reasons, have caused some to argue for banning cell phones and pagers in schools.

Emergency Contact: In the event of a school-wide emergency (a shooting, etc.)?


  • Student cell phone use during emergencies will not cause panic. I have personally been in this situation and it won't start a panic. We had a bomb threat in our school in fall of 2007. We were all moved to our practice football field and most of us proceeded to call our parents and you know what, no panics started. Besides no parents could get to the school because all the roads were blocked so the police had free access. I really don't think they pose a threat. As for the danger described in the NO section, the bomb has to have a special detonater for that to work.


  • Student cell phone use during emergency does more harm than good. Even a small amount of student calls could spark a panic among parents; the last thing a SWAT team needs is a rush of concerned parents blocking their way to the school. Any operating cell phone presents an even more extreme danger: the waves emitted by cell phones can set off bombs. Having all the students' cell phones on would certainly set one off.

Cheating: Does the use of cell phone in school worsen cheating?


  • Cell phones are used by students to cheat in school. By giving students an access toward cellphones,the ratio of students for doing communication within school hour are far more greater than ever before. They will more likely opening google in time of examination to find answers. They rather sending text full of answer in the corner of the class than just waiting for answer. Students are a lot more creative these day,so thus by not allowing cellphone to be carried away in school it will reduce the chance of spoilers and cheating methods to take place.


  • Not having cell phones in school does not really impede or stop cheating. As the cell phones can't be used because of vibrations and other sounds and are quite useless when there is not much time to text a friend and/or go online, getting rid of them does not stop cheating. Students have plenty more methods how to cheat without mobiles. Therefore, this ban wouldn't be helpful at all.

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  • Phone ringing may disrupt teaching.

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