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Debate: Living together before marriage

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Should couples live together before deciding to get married?

Background and context

For centuries, the question of whether it is appropriate to live with a significant other before getting married has been a prominent one. It has become increasingly relevant recently as more couples find it important to "test" how they will do living with one another, and feel fewer of the social and religious constraints that used to surround doing so.



  • Living together before marriage ensures day-to-day compatibility. Marriage involves living with a person constantly. It is important, therefore, to test out how this will work with a partner before making the decision to get married.


  • Living together before marriage is immoral. Living together before marriage goes against many moral traditions that prohibit pre-marital sex. Living together generally involves sexual relations. This, therefore, can run contrary to the moral traditions of certain individuals, families, cultures, religions, etc.

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