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Debate: Libertarianism

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Is the libertarian principle of smaller government and more private property a good idea?

This debate is asking whether the libertarian principle of smaller government and more private property is a good idea.


Background and Context of Debate:

Libertarians believe that control should be removed from the government and handed over to private individuals. They think that all interaction with organizations, including government, should be entirely voluntary and people should have the choice to participate in the actions they wish to take part in. People have suggested that enacting the libertarian vision would be a disaster as people who are disabled, for instance, would receive no support form the government.

Would people unable to work survive in a libertarian society?


  • People will receive money from charities. If, for some reason, people are unable to work and they are not able to make money they would still survive as they would receive money from charities.


  • Without receiving any government support they would have no means of survival. Sometimes people who are unable to work may receive no income other than that from the government. If the income from the government is removed, they will receive no income.

Should all interaction with government be voluntary?


  • People should not be forced to interact with any organization on a non voluntary basis. Even when people do not want to interact with the government, they are currently forced to do so. By making things voluntary this would remove this problem.


  • Making all government interaction voluntary would cause a huge increase in crime. All criminals would choose not to interact with government, and, as a result, no on e is preventing them from committing crimes.

Is the libertarian idea of smaller government a good idea?


  • People should be able to choose. By having government people are restricted in their freedom of choice as the government restricts what people are able to do. Having more private property will mean that the general public will not have to pay for property that they have never used.


  • People need government to prevent them from making mistakes. The laws enacted by the government are there to protect people and prevent them from making mistakes. They are needed for a fully functioning society.

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