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Selected from IIUM AUDC 2008

  • THW recognize the choice of identity for those who have undergone sexual reassignment surgery
  • THW allow abortion on the ground of permanent physical deformity
  • THBT the government should take away obese children from their parents
  • THBT the state should financially support single teenage pregnant mothers
  • THW not allow elected Member of Parliments to change their political parties
  • THW give aid to Myanmar in exchange of political concessions from the military junta
  • THW make recognition of an independent Kosovo a precondition for Serbia's membership into the WTO
  • THW legalize incestuous marriages
  • THBT non-citizens should not be allowed to be legal prostitutes
  • THBT players should walk off the field in response to racist hooliganism
  • THW make economic aid conditional on opening up development tenders to foreign bidders
  • THW punish companies' home for bribing abroad
  • THW ban campaign contribution from foreign entities in national election
  • THBT Asian democracies should disallow the succession of close relatives to top political posts
  • This House would allow use of Sharia Law for Muslim minorities in Britain
  • THW not leave food prices in the hands of the market
  • THBT United States should involve Iran in the nation-building of Iraq
  • THW ban pharmaceutical companies from giving monetary compensation to clinical trial volunteers
  • THBT United States should not detain juvenile enemy combatants
  • THBT in times of war, the state should offer convicts imprisoned for heinous crimes the option to fight for the army in exchange of conditional pardon

Selected from All-Asians 2008

  • This House believes that biofuels do more harm than good
  • This House advocates human colonization of outer space
  • This House believes that humanity will not reach the 22nd Century
  • This House would allow both men and women to have multiple spouses
  • This House would eliminate age restrictions for marriage
  • This House would abolish zoos
  • This House would not enforce labor laws on SMEs
  • This House believes that standardized testing is the enemy of learning
  • This House would institute an annual prize for the best pornographic novel

Selected from Women's Intervarsity Debating Championships 2008

  • THW impose harsher punishment on negligent parents
  • THW abolish statutory rape laws
  • THBT the private lives of celebrities should remain private
  • THW ban advertisements that feature female sexuality


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