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CIMB Group World Universities Peace Invitational Debate

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The CIMB GROUP World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (CIMB WUPID), is the first ever invitational intervarsity debating tournament which is exclusive only for the top 30 debating institutions recognized by the World Debate Website and active members of the World Universities Debating Council.

The CIMB WUPID is organized by H&G Strategic Communications Sdn. Bhd. (H&G). H&G is a speech communication auditor, consultant and debate promoter. Since it’s establishment in 2006, the company has lend it’s debating expertise through debate event management, debate workshops and seminars, coaching and trainings, as well as the publications of debate handbooks and materials. H&G’s corporate objective is to enhance human capital through speech communication development programmes.

In conjunction with Malaysia’s 50 years Independence Anniversary, the theme for the CIMB’s 2007 chapter of WUPID is: ‘Independence: Respect, Tolerance and Togetherness’.

Purpose of this Debatepedia Category

The International Debate Education Association (IDEA), unsurprisingly, supports peace. A debate tournament centered around the theme of peace is valuable and worthy of further discussion. To this end, we hope the discussions surrounding peace and tolerance will continue long after the CIMB WUPID has concluded and all the competitors, adjudicators, organizers and observers have returned to their respective homes. Doing this is easy with Debatepedia! All you have to do is create a free account and add pages and material to existing pages. For help editing, see the "Editing Guide" in the upper left hand corner of this page. Remember: YOU OWN THIS PAGE!

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