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Argument: Young illegal immigrants are US asset needing development

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Michael Gerson. "How the Dream Act transcends politics." Washington Post. December 7th, 2010: "The outcome of this dispute depends on a more basic economic determination: Would this category of hardworking immigrants ultimately be an advantage to America or a drain? It is a principle of democratic capitalism and non-Malthusian economics that ambitious human beings are not just mouths but hands and brains. They are a resource - the main source of future wealth."

Rep Charles Rangle (D-NY). "Why the DREAM Act is so important." Huffington Post. December 13, 2010: "in 1948, President Truman signed an Executive Order to integrate the military and outlawed discrimination. Yet the reality was that regiments were still divided along color lines. This mattered little to Lt. Col. Vines: "I don't care what color they are. You send someone up here to defend this country or we're pulling out of here." He knew that what mattered most was not how people looked or where they came from, but their commitment to their country. This is where we find ourselves today and why the DREAM ACT is so important. At a time when this nation is in desperate need for scientists, researchers, teachers and other professionals, why are we unwilling to allow some of the best and brightest students in our country to help America maintain its greatness?"

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