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Argument: Wave power is young, years behind other renewables

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

"The coming wave". Economist. Jun 5th 2008 - "Alas, harnessing it has proved to be unexpectedly difficult. In recent years wind farms have sprouted on plains and hilltops, and solar panels have been sprinkled across rooftops and deserts. But where the technology of wind and solar power is established and steadily improving, that of wave power is still in its infancy. The world had to wait until October 2007 for the first commercial wave farm, consisting of three snakelike tubes undulating with the Atlantic swell off the coast of Portugal."

"Questions about Wave Energy". Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform - "Wave energy has the potential to provide as much renewable energy as the wind industry. However, wave technology is currently at the same level of development as the wind industry was 10 years ago."

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