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Argument: Too few crime cameras are working to fight/deter crime

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Supporting quotations

Jeff Crouere. "New Orleans: Candid Crime Cameras" - The city council is rightly questioning whether these cameras should continue to be funded in the budget. If they cannot be fixed, what use are they? Just the other day a 22-year old New Orleans man, Kendrick Thomas, was killed near the corner of St. Roch Avenue and North Villere Street.

The intersection is in a high crime area, so the NOPD installed a crime camera. Unfortunately, it was not working at the time the crime was committed. If these cameras don't work, what use are they? Throughout New Orleans, broken crime cameras are not helping police solve crimes and are of no help in bringing down this high crime rate.

Broken crime cameras are of no use to the citizens or law enforcement officials. In fact, criminals know that the cameras are not operating correctly, so they are no deterrent to crime.

Charmaine Baker-Fox, a community activist in New Orlean's Central City neighborhood, said to, "Crime cameras, I don't believe they work. Because if the crime cameras worked throughout the city, it would help to stop some of the crimes from taking place."[1]

"Crime cameras fail to catch musician's killer, mourners say". November 23, 2008 - "About 200 people gathered Saturday night for a candle light vigil in New Orleans to remember 37 year old Brian Thickstin, who was shot and killed last week. Organizers say the city’s crime camera program failed to help bring Thickstin’s killer to justice.

[Nicolas Case, a friend of Thickstin said,] it makes me more angry--it shows the ineptitude of the city that these crime cameras, at a such a great cost to the city, aren't even working."

New Orleans City Councilwoman Stacy Head said in the fall of 2008: "There are so many crimes that have taken place near crime cameras that weren't working, that shoots the deterrent argument away."[2]

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