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Argument: South American support for return of Falklands is growing

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Richard Gott. "Argentina's claim on the Falklands is still a good one". The Guardian. 2 Apr. 2007 - "because much of Latin America is now falling into the hands of the nationalist left, the government in Buenos Aires will enjoy growing rhetorical support in the continent (and indeed elsewhere, from the current government in Iraq, for example), to the increasing discomfiture of Britain. All governments in Argentina, of whatever stripe, will continue to claim the Malvinas, just as governments in Belgrade will always lay claim to Kosovo."

    • Mercosur supports Argentina's claim to the Malvinas
    • The Rio Group has supported Argentina's claim to the Malvinas
    • Peru vocally supports the Argentinian claim to the Falklands. It provided material aid during the Falklands War.
    • Brazil has favored Argentina's claim to the Falklands.
    • Post-Pinochet Chile has supported Argentina's claim to the Falklands. democratic governments have given greater support to the Argentine claim .
    • Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez supports Argentina's claim to the Malvinas. He has said, "Those islands are Argentina's. Return them, Mr. Blair, those islands are Argentina's." [33]

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