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Argument: Social services for addicts can be centered around needle exchanges

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Supporting quotations

"Needle exchange options; pros and cons". March 21, 2008: "Pros: The St. John Ambulance building on Pandora Avenue is only about two blocks away from the current Cormorant Street needle exchange, meaning drug addicts are already in the area. The St. John building is, however, considerably larger and beside the new Our Place, which offers transitional housing, outreach programs, social services, and amenities like washrooms for people living on the street. The new building will also house health professionals to diagnose, test and treat this sickly population. The building will house about 50 health care and social service providers including Assertive Community Treatment outreach teams, doctors, nurses, addiction counsellors, social workers and street nurses. Police would also have a presence inside and outside the building to maintain public order. More flexible hours of operation, and the possible use of a courtyard, mean drug users won't congregate all at once outside the building."

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