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Argument: Republika Srpska would add to former Yugoslavia EU voting power

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Supporting quotations

Valery Perry. "The Republika Srpska Debate in Bosnia and Herzegovina". April 2008 - "As the country disintegrated into five, then six, and now seven smaller states, each with its eyes set on future EU membership, the incentive for even more dissolution is clear: an independent Republika Srpska, Vojvodina, Istria, Herceg-Bosna, Posavina, and more would allow Tito’s former homeland to ultimately wield significant power within the EU, even voting as a bloc to shift policy in its favor. As this process of subtle domination continued, the 'original' EU members, already discomfited by talk of 'ever closer union' and the feared invasion of Polish plumbers (or worse, Bosnian bakers!), increasingly withdraw from certain aspects of the Union, ultimately leaving a new “core” membership of……the former Yugoslavia."

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