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Argument: Reneging AIG bonuses will cause more govt intervention

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

"They Came for the AIG Bonuses, but I was not an AIG Employee…". Protein Wisdom Pub. March 21, 2009 - "If [a tax on AIG bonuses] passes, its death knell. If Congress suddenly discovers that it can take away money that they decide that someone doesn’t deserve, if we let them get away with that, there’ll be no stopping them. [...] All that will be necessary is to gin up the necessary “outrage” that someone got more than they should have. [...] So ask yourself; how much do you make? Is it more than your neighbor? Might someone else think that its not fair that you got something that they didn’t? [...] Because that’s all it will take. If we let them get away with this."

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