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Argument: Mandatory service supported due to belief in alternative

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Bruce Chapman. "A bad idea whose time is past: the case against universal service." Brookings Institute. 2002: "Some universal service advocates (not Litan) have cited a January 2002 survey by Lake Snell Perry & Associates, The Tarrance Group, Inc. (The survey was conducted for the Center for Information and Research in Civic Learning & Engagement, the Center for Democracy & Citizenship, and The Partnership for Trust in Government at the Council for Excellence in Government.) The study shows strong support among youth for universal service. But these advocates usually neglect to mention that this support is based on a stated assumption in the survey question that such service would be 'an alternative to (compulsory) military service should one be instituted.' A truer reflection of youthful opinion is found in the survey's largely unreported question on community service as a requirement for high school graduation. That program is overwhelmingly opposed—by a 35 percent margin among current high school students. Interestingly, the same survey shows that 'instituting civics and government course requirements in schools is favored by a 15-point margin by current high school students.'"

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