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Argument: Mandatory service fosters militarism

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Oral Calislar. "Mandatory military service essence of militarism." Daily News. September 1, 2010: "'Mandatory military service' is one of the best methods of forcing militarism on society. The heart of the message sent to the entire society and all men are this: 'No matter how educated you are, or what status you have in society, the military is above you; even the lowest military rank is your superior.' Since the aim is to make people believe in how untouchable the military is, mandatory military service is a privilege that militarism will not let go easily. This is the reason behind reactions against military service by payment. [...] 'If you a lawyer or an engineer or an architect, an artist or academics; if you speak five different languages, the lowest ranking military official is still your superior.'"

Alan Reynolds. "We Don't Draft Firemen." Washington Times. May 2nd, 2004: "All these apologists for a military draft have earned the same respect we would accord anyone who openly advocates placing the financial interests of the state above the freedom of individuals, or to anyone who openly extols the practical and egalitarian virtues of slavery."

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