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Argument: Life in prison deters crime/murder as well as the death penalty

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Extended argument and supporting evidence

The best argument here is that it does not better protect society than life imprisonment without parole. Life without parole should have a near 100% effectiveness in protecting society from a murderer killing again. Many proponents of the death penalty claim that murders are often appeal, are released, or escape and kill, thus attempting to justify the death penalty as the only 100% effective means to protecting society from that murderer killing again. Yet, a life without parole sentence that takes all appropriate precautions, should be able to effectively prevent a murderer from killing again. The only risk is that the murderer escapes (there is no room for parole or appeal) and this risk can be effectively eliminated by placing a prisoner in a maximum security prison if necessary.

Even if a tiny fraction of murderers sentenced to life without parole were able to escape and murder again, this may not be a sufficient grounds for justifying the death penalty. The failure in these instances would be in the prisons that allowed a murder to escape. These problems can always be addressed. Even if they are never made perfect, proponents of the death penalty would have to demonstrate

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