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Argument: ICC and rule of law help deter war crimes and genocide

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Supporting quotations

Gary T. Dempsey. "Reasonable Doubt: The Case Against the Proposed International Criminal Court". CATO Institute. 16 July 1998 - the "peace versus justice" trope often invoked by Westerners is the wrong way to think about Darfur. It's not a choice between peace and justice, not if we are serious about meaningful peace: for it is precisely the relentless absence of justice and accountability (impunity) that has sustained violence in Darfur and will continue to do so if unaddressed.

Former president Jimmy Carter - "the most important thing in knowing that the international criminal court is there, I think would be a great deterrent among those who might be inclined to perpetuate these kinds of crimes."[1]

Norman Dorsen of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights and Morton Halperin of the Twentieth Century Fund - "to deter those who would contemplate such horrendous crimes."[2]

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