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Argument: Cloning technology is unsafe for the resulting life

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Parent Debate(s):

Debate:Human Cloning

Supporting Evidence:

"Bioethicist says human cloning is scary". July 17, 2002 - "the procedure is just not safe. And while Zavos and his group keep saying [they've] got something different, no one seems to know what it is.

I'm really worried that what they're going to do here is make a dead or deformed baby, not a healthy one.

MORE STORIES Team plans to clone up to 200 humans

KAGAN: And even what might start out as a healthy baby, didn't we see in some cloning experiments with rats of mice that they start out healthy, but then they end up developing some kind of weird deformity later in their life cycle?

CAPLAN: That's absolutely right. We've seen with Dolly [the sheep] that she's growing at about twice the normal rate that she should, and I've been keeping tabs on the cows, bulls, oxen that have been cloned. Over half of them have dropped dead unexpectedly. So clearly something's wrong when you're using old DNA from your skin cell or wherever you get it in your body, trying to use it in an egg. That handshake, that communication, doesn't work right and it makes for a, if you will, much great risk of producing something dead or deformed."

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