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Argument: Capitalism is wonderful, but requires regulation

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Supporting quotations

Dane Smith. "Barney Frank makes case for financial reform." Minn Post. May 11, 2010: "the United States is a 'private-sector society' that depends on capitalism for wealth creation, but affirming also that the government has a proper role in 'setting the rules.'"

"Why Consumers Need Financial Reform". Money Watch. April 2010 "What works to keep America stable and prosperous, isn’t shoot-‘em-out capitalism but regulated capitalism that prevents the plutocrats from seizing the spoils and running the rest of the country into the ground. If you’re serious about “no more taxpayer bailouts,” you’ll support strong financial reform, including a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency. If “no-government-intervention” remains your default response, you’re supporting big bankers and future bailouts when the money machine runs wild again."

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