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Argument: Capital punishment wastes time and energy and burdens courts

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Supporting quotations

Hugo Adam Bedau. "The Case Against The Death Penalty". American Civil Liberties Union. 1992 - "Capital punishment wastes resources. It squanders the time and energy of courts, prosecuting attorneys, defense counsel, juries, and courtroom and correctional personnel. It unduly burdens the system of criminal justice, and it is therefore counterproductive as an instrument for society's control of violent crime. It epitomizes the tragic inefficacy and brutality of the resort to violence rather than reason for the solution of difficult social problems."

Richard Brown, District Attorney, New York. - It is costly to implement ... the commitment of time, money and man power necessary for a capital case is enormous and it takes from other cases. But I think what bothers me most is that it offers to the families of the victims and the survivors a false sense of closure. They never get closure and they will not get closure until the time he [referring to Taylor] is executed or the court decides he will not be executed.[1]

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