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Argument: Big government has unintended consequences

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Michael Cloud. "Why Not Big Government? The Five Iron Laws." The Center for Small Government: "3. Big Government Programs create new problems. [...] The Federal Government created Medicare to help senior citizens and Medicaid to help the poor with medical care. Unintended consequences? Massive government funding for these programs drove up health care costs – for those participating and those not. It made doctors and hospitals accountable to the government — instead of patients. It breeched patient-doctor medical confidentiality. It set in motion the drive toward a Government Monopoly — 'Single-Payer' — Health Care System. Toward Socialized Medicine. [...] Social Security? Government Central Planning of Education? Government Disaster Relief? The War on Drugs? Mandatory Minimums? All create new problems. Unintended consequences."

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