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Argument: $165 million AIG bonuses is not chump change

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Supporting quotations

Greta Van Susteren, Fox News Host: "Some people are saying, Forget about those bonuses. It's a drop in the bucket compared to the $170 billion you leant to AIG. But you know what, $165 million -- that's a lot of money. [...] We did some research and found some interesting numbers of what you can do or what can you get for $165 million at current market prices. So check this out. You could get more than 2,600 200 Cadillac Escalades. And to fill up that car, $165 million would get you more than 85 million gallons of gas. In that Cadillac, if you're hungry, with $165 million, you could buy more than 39 million McDonald's Happy Meals. In that car, you could drive a kid to college. And with $165 million, you could buy more than 20,000 state university tuitions. That's for in-state California students. And if you want a vacation in Denver, Colorado, where the president just signed the stimulus bill, you could get 402,000 round-trip tickets from Washington, D.C., to Denver. [...] What about our men and women in the armed forces? That money, $165 million, could buy our troops 300,000 flak jackets and 440,000 helmets. So to us, that $165 million -- it just doesn't seem like chump change."[1]

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