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About me

I've been debating various things on this site for several months now. I first came across it last year while browsing on the web.

I'm a Christian. One doesn't need to be descended from Sherlock Holmes to deduce from my user name that I'm English.

My debates

I have started the following debates: Debate: Biblical inerrancy, Debate: Old Earth Creationism vs Young Earth Creationism, Debate: pluralism, Debate: Creationism vs Theistic Evolutionism, Debate: Islam, Debate: Age of the Earth, Debate: Messianic Judaism, Debate: Is Mormonism a Christian denomination or a non Christian cult, Debate: Did William the Conqueror deserve to be King of England, Debate: Aaland Islands, Debate: Should the UK split up?, Debate: Who was Jesus?, Debate: Democratic re-unification of Korea, Debate: Are some cultures inseparable from their religions?, Debate: Evangelism, Debate: Resurrection of Jesus, Debate: Situational ethics, Debate: Uyghur Independence, Debate: Mongolian reunification, Debate: Political correctness, Debate: Alsace Lorraine, Debate: Should the UK Monarch be head of the Anglican Church?, Debate: Should Prince William succeed Queen Elizabeth II instead of Prince Charles?, Debate: Should red squirrels in the UK and Ireland be genetically modified to make them superior to the grey squirrels?, Debate: Frisian nation.

To see where I stand on these issues and on the other debates where I've edited, check out my list of contributions here: Special:Contributions/England4ever. A list of all the times I've edited any debate will come up. To see what I've written for any edit, just click where it says "diff".

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