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The People Speak: Global Debates

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The People SpeakGlobal Debates occur during ten days in October 2007 and March 2008 and they each deal with topics of contemporary relevance. Schools compete for a free trip to a Global Youth Summit to be held in July 2008 at the United Nations in New York City.

The Goal: Participating students will research the selected topic and prepare clear, persuasive arguments for both sides. The debate teams organize an event at their school that will draw the largest number of students they can to hear the arguments presented by the team. All students will vote for the argument they felt was most compelling and persuasive. Votes will be tallied from participating schools with the results appearing on the TPS site in November.

Topics: October 2007 Global Debate Topic: Market mechanisms are preferable to regulatory approaches in reducing carbon emissions. The March 2008 Global Debate Topic will be announced in September 2007.

A highlight of the 2007 The People Speak: Global Debates will be the Global Debates Festival, which will take place in Jacmel, Haiti. Schools that particpate in The Global Debates are eligible to send students for five days of debate and education in this historic port city on the Haitian coast.

Click here to learn who is eligible to participate in the Global Debates as well as 2008 United Nations Foundation Global Student Leadership Summit.


8 Steps to Global Debate Success!

The Least You Should Know About How to Participate: After you read through these directions, you will need to read the *toolkit* to get more detailed information. But, here is the lowdown on what you need to do to be a part of this exciting project and event:

1) Register your high school for the Global Debates on The People Speak's website: *[1]

2) Get the toolkit: fileicon-pdf.png.

The TPS Global Debate Toolkit explains how to do two things: 1) a debate at your high school on the assigned topic in public forum format during the weeks of debate in October and March, and, 2) the other activities you can do to earn "points" for TPS. The points make you eligible to win a trip (for two chaperones and three debaters) to the UN Youth Summit in New York City, July 17th, 2008. If you are an IDEA member, the UNF points also make you eligible to earn IDEA prizes through Debatetracker.

3) DebateTracker Bonus Points Option: If you haven't registered for Debatetracker[2], you will need to register in order to earn points for bonus IDEA prizes. If you don't register on DebateTracker, you won't be eligible for any bonus IDEA prizes, but you will still be eligible to win the prize from the UN, a trip to the UN Youth Summit in New York.

4) Once you have registered on the TPS site, read the toolkit, and registered on Debatetracker, you can start to plan your debate -- to take place during the weeks of Global Debate, October 12th-22nd, 2007 and March 2008. You will need four debaters for this debate. Please Note: Your debate does not have to be in English.

5) Advertise your debates and do other TPS activities. While you are advertising and arranging a location at your school, you will want to conduct some of the activities listed for extra points on the UNF point list and document these activities as the toolkit indicates.

6) Scantron forms: The proof of your debate at your school will be your ballots, which your audience will fill out at the end of the debate. The ballots are Scantron versions that are downloadable in many languages, since your debate does not have to be in English.

7) Send in your achievements for UNF Points and, if you want, DebateTracker Points. Remember, various TPS activities have points associated with them, as outlined in the latter part of the toolkit. The schools/clubs that earn the most UNF points can win the chance for a trip to the UN in New York. So, after you have done your activities for the Global Debates in the fall, you will want to send the ballots and documentation of your other activities to IDEA by November 30th. The contact information and postal address is in the toolkit.

As an extra option for TPS participants, if you want to earn points for bonus prizes from IDEA, you can also register on DebateTracker. The points you earn through DebateTracker can be used to get various prizes for your school/club. For more information:[3] and[4]

8) Begin the same process for the spring 2008 topic: "Water should be national property." The key is to do many activities and earn as many points as possible! The deadline for submitting materials for spring is April 30th.

Good Luck!

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