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What is the purpose of this language translating resources page?

This resource is designed as a guide for students to the best resources on the web for learning English and for finding the meaning of English words they are not familiar with. Keep in mind, in this day and age, the Internet is always the easiest and fastest way to translate the meaning of English words and phrases into your native language, and to generally learn the English language. It is important that you learn how to use the Internet in this way, and we hope that this toolkit is a helpful tool for learning these skills.

Online Dictionary and Translations Tools

If you are not sure what a specific English word means, your best option is to go to one of the following online dictionaries and translations services, type in the English word or phrase you are not sure about, follow the instructions, and "translate" the word to your native language.

  • Translator - This service is incredible. Not only can you get translations for words, but also for sentences. If there is any sentence on Debatepedia that is not clear to you, we encourage you to cut and paste this sentence into this translator service, and click "translate".
    • You may also want to download their free Google toolbar.
  • Translation 2 is another good translations resource.

Using Google

If there is a concept, system, or anything else that you don't understand the meaning of, the best way to try and uncover the meaning is to "Google it"! Google will do a good job of directing you to the best resources on the web for the topic you are looking to research.

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