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The People Speak: Global Debate Festival

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The People Speak Global Debate Festival will be held in Jacmel, Haiti from October 31st through November 5th. IDEA is pleased to be partnering on this project with IDEA-NL voting members Fokal.

Enjoy this video of the Jacmel Song


Who is Eligible to Participate?

Only high schools that participate in the The People Speak Global Debates will be eligible to attend this event. Schools must register for the Global Debates on the The People Speak web site.

Each team of two students must be accompanied by an adult able to jan adult, over 21 years of age, able to judge a Global Debate Format debate.

What Debate Format will be Used?

The debate format will be the The People Speak: Global Debate Format (the same as the NFL Public Forum Debate format).

Where Will Stay?

At the lovely Hotel Cap Lamandou

What will the Debate Topic Be?

The topic for debate will be: "Resolved: Market mechanisms are preferable to regulatory approaches in reducing carbon emissions."

How Much Does it Cost?

Registration for this event will be $100 per participant.

However, for each 1,000 points that a school earns in The People Speak Global Debates competition, one participant's will be waived up to a maximum of three.

What do the Registration Fees Cover?

Registration fees includes airport pick-up from the airport in Jacmel, as well as room and board for the entire event. Please note: registration fees do not include travel to Haiti or between Port au Prince and Jacmel. We can assist those who fly into Port au Prince in arranging their flights to Jacmel.

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