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The Nation supports a carbon tax

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Wikipedia: The Nation

"Surviving the Climate Crisis: What Must Be Done", "Going Green", 5/7/07 In order to reach the "necessarily ambitious goal: 80 percent emission reduction in carbon emissions from their 1990 levels by 2050: We’ll have to discourage emissions by putting a price on polluting gases like methane and carbon. The best way to do that is through taxation, which would be offset by tax breaks to soften the impact on poor and middle-class households and to encourage green job growth and investment. But such ideas face formidable resistance from a political establishment beholden to entrenched interests–the oil and coal industries–that stand to lose out. Those industries have sunk billions of dollars in investments that would depreciate in value if real carbon reduction targets were achieved. Thus, they fight tooth and nail with lies and canards to keep things as they are."

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