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Talk:Debate: WikiLeaks release of US diplomatic cables

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Oscar Levant

Please pardon my impudence, but I must say that this latest, unsuccessful flaccid foray into silencing Mssr. Assange didn’t reach any appreciable momentum until the world's financial institutions premeditatively “commenced ” the global "outrage" when they were alerted that their malfeasance was going to be held manifest as well as the emails.

This does not mitigate the atrocious crimes committed by many Nations (including both of ours) upon other Countries, which, at it’s very least just as egregious.

.. and I say to you all BLESS Julian Assange!

.. and I say to you all BLESS Michael Moore!!

The palpable fear that was generated solely with the mere threat of releasing documents resides primarily in those who already know that their malfeasance and outright falsifications will be finally exposed to the world, and might I also point out that the Swiss Bankers in particular are currently soiling themselves at any possibility that many of the criminals who are holding bank accounts with their collusion (not to mention those criminals running the banks) will shine a light on their own lawlessness.

It's kneejerk obfuscation of the truth by misdirection.. “plausible deniability”… “bulwark-yer-bumm” taken to it’s zenith, and now, as it is plain to see, entire Government s are kowtowing to dictums of their money-masters to “kill the messenger”

The dreadful state of the world today is primarily the fault of these charlatans .. and it can be said that more innocent people perished due to their actions than anyone else's (outside those of Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and the entire cadre of degenerate war-criminals that populated their putrescent Administration).

The same goes to the malignant arrogance of many of the world’s political leaders in their meddling in the affairs of other Sovereignties.

Criminal acts.. no less.

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