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Talk:Debate: Two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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The conflict will never end even with the 2 state solution. It must be kept in mind that the arab neighbours surrounding Israel do not want israel in their vicinity. furthemore, the 2 state theory doesnt seem feasible to Israel as it is enroaching land by building settlements and waging wars at the same time and ill not settle for a solution that curtaiks their so called religios dream. In addition, thre is no assurity that once Palestine is set up as a independent state, Israel will not interfere with its politics. Palestine will not be secure as a nation. in addition, the vital areas like jerusalem will still be dsputed. Also, the Religiously speaking, it is very difficult for jews and muslims to co exist peacefully after the atrocities committed by Israel. There was a time when jews were given freedom in a muslim empire to live peacefully but israel through its policies and so called operations has demonstrated that its either israel or Palestine.

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