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Criminalization causes exploitation

I think that it's criminalisation of prostitution that causes exploitation, violence and fosters the culture of mysoginism incorrectly attributed to sex workers because it drives prostitution into the realms of the underworld, where shady characters inexorably groom and control vulnerable young women. Conversely, decriminalisation of the industry will empower women and allow them to emerge from the control of pimps who abuse them and the psychopathic punters that prey on and assault them because of the fear prostitutes have of approaching the police and society's disapproving eye. Prostitution is a reality that won't go away so instead of pretending it will if we ignore it, we ought to be smart about it. It's only a dangerous murky world because it's illegal. Our law-makers should not concern themselves with sexual morality and prerogative of a personal exchange of sex involving money. If women can self-regulate, work in safe, clean environments and enjoy police protection, no doubt many of the negative aspects in which prostitution is shrouded will be addressed. -- User:JabbaHamma

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