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A major problem is the different types of polygamy. I am opposed to compound polygamy. I personally think that if you want to go into polygamist relationships you should have to send your kids to public schools. No home schools. No brain washing. Your kids have to see normal people, so they can make educated choices. There has been too much history with child brides in polygamy. Which brings me to the next thing. I think you should have to be 22 or so before getting married in a polygamous marriage... I think the age is 18 in most states, I just think it should be older with Polygamy. It is better than banning it all the right, so if you don't like these rules, I think you should shut-up, but that is just me... So I don't think we should ban it, I just think we should regulate it. The woman gets to leave at any time, and take the kids. In polygamist compounds in Utah the men own everything, and the women are stuck. They can't escape. Anyways I think this whole debate would be better if we distinguished between compound polygamist and modern educated people who make different choices... So what do I do? Create a separate page for compound polygamy? Myclob 18:24, 27 August 2011 (EDT)


There was lots of duplication where there is a link, with supporting quotes directly below the link, and they were also REPEATED when you click on the link... I think you should only do one or the other... quotes should not be repeated all over the place...

I am combining these two sections, because they are exactly the same question: 1: Should marriage to more than one person be legal? 2: Government role: Should governments be tolerant of and stay out of polygamy? Myclob 18:24, 27 August 2011 (EDT)

Some of those quotes were repeated 4 or 5 times... Each concept should be so well organized that it would never be repeated... You organize these arguments with reasons to agree and disagree, with supporting quotes under them... so there is only one place each quote could go...

I don't get it?

I cut this: "The bible provides support to polygamy. (Genesis 2:24): "Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife and they become one flesh."

I am sorry I don't see anything about Polygamy there...

Proposed new sections

  • Compound polygamy should be illegal
  • All types of polygamy should be illegal
  • Compound polygamy is bad
  • All types of polygamy is bad


I would like to create categories... Moral/religious reasons to support or oppose polygamy (damage done to children, spouses, society).

Practical reasons (men are more interested in sex than women)...

Interest and assumption

We should brainstorm what we think are interest and assumption of those who support or oppose polygamy...

Interest of those who support polygamy:

  1. Freedom of adults

Interest of those who oppose polygamy:

  1. Protecting children


Items to be done to clean up this page:

  1. Make links with reasons to agree or disagree with each argument
  2. Remove duplication. For example some quotes are directly after a link, and also underneath the link, after you click on it. I think it is better to put supporting evidence under an argument, after you click on it. This way it keeps arguments separate. Sure you have to click on things a little bit more, but just like everyone needs a room of their own, each idea needs to be evaluated on its own, separate from the greater argument.

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