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"Of Plymouth Plantation" to Argument: Abstinence-only helps youth avoid emotional damage of sex
Argument: Abstinence-only is not effective at reducing teen pregnancy to Argument: Carbon trading incentivizes companies to cut emissions
Argument: Carbon trading schemes impair government revenue and budgets to Argument: Diffuse wave energy requires many wave generators; high impact
Argument: Dignity of human life must override any individual will to be euthanized to Argument: Gene patents do not apply to natural genes
Argument: Gene patents do not give ownership over others' genes to Argument: Iron fertilization can dramatically reduce C02, combat global warming
Argument: Iron fertilization may require an impractical amount of iron to Argument: Migrants have a right to freedom of movement between states
Argument: Migrants should have equal rights to social welfare as nationals to Argument: Polygamy is not supported in the Bible
Argument: Polygamy is only appropriate when a man can provide for more than one wife to Argument: Targeted assassinations undermine norms of warfare in terrorists' favor
Argument: Targeted assassinations unite Israel's enemies to Argument: Unions are dwindling because few workers care to join
Argument: United Nations opposes the death penalty to Debate:Wikipedia, inclusionists vs. deletionists
Debate:Wind energy to Debate: International adoption based on child well-being
Debate: International asbestos ban to Debate: Should the media publish images of Muhammad?
Debate: Should the media publish images of Muhammed? to Portal:Entertainment
Portal:Entertainment issues to “National Debate Center” Public Foundation (Kazakhstan)

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