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Deçemko Resort

Welcome to the 2008 Debate and Citizen Journalism Institute! This portal page on IDEA's Debatepedia will be your home base for the next three weeks. Here you will find information you need, resources you can use, and examples of the work coming out of both the debate and the citizen journalism tracks. To find this page from anywhere else in Debatepedia, just search "institute" in the search bar.

If you have any questions or comments about this page, please email Jesse at

Debaters! Come here to find materials and to see yourself debating!

Intro to Debate

Welcome to Introductory Debate with Ioana Cionea!

Welcome to Advanced Argumentation and Debate with Sharon Porter!

Welcome to British Parliamentary Debate, taught by Jackson Miller and assisted by Jesse Towsen.

Check out our growing collection of student-made country briefs at category:country briefs.

Welcome to World Schools Debate, taught by Kate Hamm and Anastasia Solovyera.

Coaching Debate

Welcome to Coaching Debate with Sharon Porter!

Welcome to the Intensive English track, taught by Alex Dukalskis, and this year featuring its own Citizen Journalism track taught by our CJ faculty!

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Citizen Journalism

Welcome to the Citizen Journalism Track. As soon as you create content, we can put it up here.

Citizen Journalism Blogs
Free Software for Creating Public Media
Audacity, an example of Open-Source Software
Audacity, an example of Open-Source Software

Free and affordable software is essential for citizen journalism, so that any citizen can create media without requiring a professional budget. This kind of software does exist as an alternative to the very expensive professional tools. For example, Adobe's Photoshop can be replaced by Gimp, a free, downloadable, open-source image manipulation program. Another alternative would be to use a program built into your computer's operating system. For example, instead of using Final Cut Pro or Avid for video editing, you can use iMovie if your computer has a Mac OS, or Windows Movie Maker if you have a Windows OS. Open-Source Software

For a complete list of Open-Source Software pages, view Category:Open-Source Software
  • Open Office is a productivity suite that can be used for a variety of purposes, including word processing, databases, and presentations.
  • Picasa can be used for digital photography importing and editing.
  • GraphicConverter can be used for organizing, batch editing, and converting digital images.
  • Gimp can be used for image manipulation.
  • SonicStage can be used for audio importing.
  • Audacity can be used for audio editing.
  • KompoZer can be used for web authoring.
  • Scribus can be used for desktop publishing / page layout.
  • Jahshaka can be used for video editing.
Windows Movie Maker logo
Windows Movie Maker logo

Software Built into Operating Systems

For a complete list of this type of software, view Category:Software Built Into an OS

For Windows OS

For Mac OS

  • iMovie can be used for video editing.
  • iPhoto can be used for basic photo importing and editing.
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