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Polygamy harms women

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Reasons to agree

  1. Polygamy causes jealousy and competition between wives.
  2. Women are forced by Gods "commandments" to perform polygamy.
  3. Polygamy is deeply sexist while adultery, divorce, and re-marriage are not. This sexism harmes women.
  4. Polygamous men cannot reciprocate equally the love they receive from their wives. This lack of love is a result of polygamy and is a reason to outlaw it, to protect women.
  5. Polygamy sacrifices love between mates to other considerations.
  6. Compound Polygamous women are being brain-washed and don't have a choice
  7. Polygamy is hierarchal and unequal while adultery, divorce, and re-marriage are not.
  8. Polygamous marriages are typically hierarchical and undemocratic.
  9. Polygamy will always be sexist with patriarchal polygyny predominating.
  10. Polygamy ordains men to dominate and abuse wives.
  11. Polygamy wrongly promotes patriarchal principles in society.

Reasons to disagree

  1. If polygamy is bad for individuals, let them figure it out on their own

Interest, values, and assumptions of those who agree

Interest & Values of those who disagree

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