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Polygamy does not harm women

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Reasons to agree

  1. Most polygamous women freely and eagerly join polygamous families.
  2. Polygamy provides for male promiscuity and female desires for security
  3. Polygamy reduces the impulse to adultery and resulting divorces
  4. The idea that a man can love only one women is artificial and false.
  5. Monogamous marriages dont legally require love; why would polygamous ones?
  6. Polygamous families provide women with an ideal support network
  7. We must consider polygamy's best-case not just worst-case scenarios.
  8. Polygamy involve the consent of female wives.
  9. Polygamous women love their sister wives as well as their husbands.

Reasons to disagree

Interest, values, and assumptions of those who agree

Interest & Values of those who disagree

Movies That Agree

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