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Polygamy, if legalized, would happen in numbers that would significantly increase the ratio of available men to women

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Reasons to agree

  1. Even if only 2% of men married more than one wife at a time, if they averaged 3 wives, that would result in 6% more men then their are women. For every 100 women, there would be 6 men that would not find a wife. There are 250 million people in America. 6% of 250 million is 15 million. This scenario would therefore result in 15 million american men not ever having the chance to get married. It is easy to imagine more than 2% of very rich men wanting to marry more than one wife. It is easy to imagine more than 6% of women wanting to marry a very rich man, even if they have to live in polygamy. Maybe not now, but over 100 years as the stigma goes away.

Reasons to disagree

Interest, values, and assumptions of those who agree

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