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Argument: Natural gas safety regulations are very strong

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Supporting quotations

"Natural Gas Pipelines: Safe, Sound and Underground". American Gas Association - Distribution pipelines operate under rigorous federal safety laws.

  • Together, gas utility and pipeline companies spend close to $7 billion per year to ensure that natural gas is delivered safely and reliably.
  • All natural gas in distribution systems must be odorized so a leak can be readily detected without special instruments.
  • Federal pipeline safety code requires that distribution systems comply with tough requirements for design, construction, testing, inspection, operations and maintenance from the point of connection to the point of transmission, up to and including the customer’s meter.
  • Natural gas distribution pipes typically are regulated by both federal and state agencies. Distribution systems regulated by a state agency are required by law to comply with standards that are at least as stringent or more stringent than those set forth in federal minimum safety mandates.

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