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Legalizing polygamy will save millions of dollars in welfare fraud

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Reasons to agree

  1. The problem is that many polygamists exist in the shadows and don't pay taxes. And, yet they seek welfare checks. If polygamy was legalized, polygamists would be forced to come out of the shadows, pay taxes, and subsequently avoid committing welfare fraud.
  2. If polygamy is legalized, communities will be more willing to allow welfare workers into them, which will be able to balance the need of children, while eliminating fraud. Currently, if social workers don't want children to suffer, they sort of have to trust parents when they say how many children they have. But perhaps polygamist would be more open to outsiders if it was legal.

Reasons to disagree

  1. There is nothing that says we have to give money to polygamist. It sounds like they are already out of the shadows, if they get welfare checks. It was never explained exactly how legalizing polygamy will result in less welfare fraud. It is just assumed that they will be more out of the shadows.
  2. If polygamy is legalized, polygamist are more likely to register their children as legal relationships, resulting in more welfare use. In order to assume that their is welfare fraud, you have to assume that polygamist parents are exaggerating the number of children they have.

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