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General statements in support of a two-state solution

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US special envoy George Mitchell: "In the case of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we believe that the two-state solution, two states living side by side in peace, is the best and the only way to resolve this conflict."[1]

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs resolved in early 2008:[2]: "the organized American Jewish community should affirm its support for two independent, democratic and economically viable states — the Jewish state of Israel and a state of Palestine– living side-by-side in peace and security."

Pope Benedict xvi, while touring Israel in May of 2009, called on Israel’s leadership to embrace the two-state solution for peace with the Palestinians: "I plead with all those responsible to explore every possible avenue in the search for a just resolution of the outstanding difficulties, so that both peoples may live in peace in a homeland of their own, within secure and internationally recognized borders."[3]

America’s ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice stated in May 2009: "United States is fully and unequivocally committed to working for a two-state solution."[4]

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