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This page outlines the basic editing tasks on Debatepedia that you can help with.

Basic types of editing tasks

  • From "recent change": Follow the work of other editors on "recent changes", edit their work, or help them build-out an article they are working on.
  • Debate Digest: Help create featured debates for the Debate Digest, a steady supply of highly developed pro/con articles appearing on the main page of Go to the Debate Digest cue to help with articles that are going to be "published" on the Debate Digest in the near future.
  • Categorization and internal linking (interlinking): Every (debate) page should belong to at least two categories. Though sibling pages can be found through category pages, it is often convenient to add internal links directly to the bottom section of a debate page, for easier navigation. There is also a couple of orphaned pages (nothing links to them), they may be found using the corresponding special page.
  • Clean-up of pages: There are many (older) pages on Debatepedia, that contain a lot of fruitful information, but they are just calling for a clean-up. It might be a good idea to do an overall retouch of these pages, add bullets to the beginning of each argument, separate arguments, remove blank lines, generally cleaning up the page.
  • Add a table of contents: A table of contents is absent from many pages, it might be a good idea to insert one. That's not a complicated task, see e.g. this diff, but care has to be taken nonetheless so that it does not disrupt the source code of the rest of the page. (Hopefully, software upgrades will make this task easier in the mid-term.) NB: Add a table of contents only into long articles, as short or new ones do not need such a thing.
  • Interconnecting categories (categorization of categories): Categories now mostly stand alone, they should be interconnected. This can be done either by creating "See also" sections on category pages, or - better yet - by the categorization of categories. In the end, it is much the same thing as interlinking, the plus being that there now automagically appears "Subcategories" list (alphabetically ordered). To add some (possibly redundant) info: Let's have categories A and B. It is possible that A is a subcategory of B and B is a subcategory of A at the same time. In other words - though categories were originally intended for a tree-like structuring of information, they can be used for a web like structuring as well. This is not an easy task, but once it is done, the navigation through Debatepedia could be much smarter. See Category:Health care and a ring of related categories to see how to carry out this mission.
  • more tasks to be added soon.

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