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  1. Nuclear energy - Is nuclear energy worth exploiting?
  2. Capital Punishment - Is the death penalty ever justified?
  3. Abortion - Should abortions of any kind be permitted?
  4. Same sex marriage - Is same sex marriage wrong and should it be illegal?
  5. Animal testing - Is it morally acceptable to experiment on animals for human purposes?
  6. Guantanamo Bay - Is Guantanamo Bay's existence justified, or should it be closed?
  7. Prostitution - Should prostitution be legalized?
  8. Euthanasia - Should euthanasia or assisted suicide be legalized?
  9. Marijuana, Legalization of - Should marijuana be legalized?
  10. Polygamy - Should polygamous marriages (to more than one person) be legal?
  11. Vegetarianism - Should humans stop eating animals and become vegetarians?
  12. Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty - Is the CTBT, or any other nuclear test ban treaty, a good idea?
  13. Corporal punishment of children Is corporal punishment of children justifiable?
  14. Israeli settlements Are Israeli settlements justified, or should they be halted or dismantled?
  15. Should Catholic priests be allowed to marry? - May 27th, 2009.
  16. Two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict - Is a two-state solution justified? Compared to a one-state solution? - May 22, 2009.
  17. Merit pay for teachers - Is merit-based pay for teachers good public education policy?
  18. Should governments subsidize journalism? - May 3rd, 2009.
  19. Enhanced interrogation techniques - Were the "enhanced interrogation techniques" of the Bush administration justified?
  20. "Under God" in the American Pledge of Allegiance - Is "under God" in the American Pledge of Allegiance appropriate or should it be eliminated?
  21. Is a nuclear Iran intolerable?
  22. Homosexuals in the US military - Should gays be allowed to serve openly in the US military? Is "don't ask don't tell" bad policy?
  23. 2009 troop "surge" in Afghanistan - Is US President Obama's 2009 troop "surge" in Afghanistan a good idea?
  24. Education vouchers - Are education vouchers (or school vouchers) good public policy?
  25. Election of judges - Is the election of judges a good idea?

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