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Hi Everyone,

It's very exciting to see so many interns join the Debatepedia team. For me, education, activism, and excellence seem to be at the fore of Debatepedia. What do you think? We are educating others and educating ourselves through active research -- learning through writing type of thing. This research/writing can compliment our schooling and interests in global/political/social issues, something that connects to activism. We can engage in international issues, or make people aware of local ones. The possibility for debate topics are virtually unlimited. Debatepedia is a great way to explore issues we care about and, in doing so, we are actively helping solve at least one issue – democratizing knowledge. Helping create an easily accessible encyclopedia is also important, because when done with care, we are elevating Debatepedia to a level of excellence that earns trust from users. So, we are not just another resource, but one that upholds educational excellence in a socially responsible manner -- plus, I hope it's fun:)


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