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Debate: Continuous comprehensive evaluation of students

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Is continous comprehensive evaluation benefical for children?...

Background and Context of Debate:

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Click "edit" and write arguments here Am a student of class 9 and just last year only our education system changed. Firtly it was cbse i.e. the marking system with proper ranking at the end of the semisters but now it is the cce i.e. grading system without any marks and ranking. I personally as a student think that the cce (continous comprehensive evaluation) is very beneficial for students. It does stress on marks scored in the exams but gives equal stress on everything i.e. notebooks, assignments, projects, class behaviour and even co-curricular activities. I am not so good in studying and am never able to score good marks in the written exams but cce has solved this problem of mine. I will tell you how because now I can score marks by completing my notebooks, assingnments and projects on time and I can even get marks by behaving nicely in class.

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Click "edit" and write arguments here Even I am a student of class 9 and when the education system changed even I was quite excited. I totally agree with the fact the cce is a good education system but still it is not the perfect one for students. I agree with the fact that it has lower down the levelof competition and has also given the not so good students a chance to score good grades but anyway am not happy with the cce system. I have good reasons why am speaking against the motion its because cce gives a huge number of projects even in the exam time. I know marks scored in exam are not so important but those marks do matter becaue they are important for many of the parents.


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